Frequesntly Asked Questions

Buying Product

How does it work?

Cyberbooter IP Stresser is a tool that allows you to take down any target, from a home Internet IP to any website. You have to pay for a membership to use our services.
Of course, we do. Contact us for a Custom solution.
Yes you can do it automatically via our plan system, just go to the membership plans page and our system will show you plans.
No! Our stresser have unique system that allow you to choose a membership that include only layer 4 and layer 7 methods.

Attack System

What is Slots / Concurrents?

When you launch attack it equal to 1 concurrent/slot, so if you want to launch 5 attacks from your account you would need a plan that has 5 concurrents/slots. The Power for each concurrent/slot is dedicated (for example, 5 concurrents deliver 5 times more gbps/requests per second than 1). More Concurrents/Slots = More Power.
No now!.
Giving specific numbers is very hard as they depend on many factors, such as where it was tested and the network status at that moment, among others. We also don't want to do false advertising and giving exaggerated or misleading numbers (as many do).

Guaranteed Power Per 1 Concurrent/Slot:
  • minimum of 120-200k requests per second high quality http/s requests-per-second for most layer-7 methods.
  • minimum of 45Gbps layer-4
  • The Power for each concurrent is dedicated (for example, 5 concurrents deliver 5 times more packets per second/requests per second than 1).
    We provide only useful & powerful layer 4 & 7 attack methods that can be customize for advanced users.

    Every cyberbooter membership plan have access to all of our attack methods (layer 4 & 7).

    Each attack method is a different attack technique allowing you to try different ways to stress test your target in order to get the desired results.

    If you want to know what method to use or what it is for, click here.

    My Account

    Can I share my account with someone else?

    Based on IP Stresser terms and conditions, you can not share your account, share your API or sell your account to anyone else. If the system detects such an account, it will auto-ban the account and you will lose access to your membership.
    All logs getting deleted automatically every few hours, sensentive user logs are stored encrypted using your unique account public key and then it get decrypted with your private key (frontend-client side) which means no one can see the data that exchanged between you and us, only you.
    We pride on being one of the most privacy-respectful stress testing services out there, as well as one of the most secure. Stresser doesn't keep IP logs, we don't ask for email, and we don't invade your privacy with tracking systems. Passwords are hashed & salted using blowfish, and everything has been coded with privacy and security in mind. Besides, we have never been breached or suffered from any kind of leak.

    * Take Down Any GameServers like CounterStrike, Minecraft, Teamspeak, etc.
    * Take Down Any Website Within Seconds.
    * Take Down Home Internet Connections Within Few Clicks.
    * Take Down Any Protected CDN/Server like OVH, Voxility, & Cloudflare Easily.


    What platforms are compatible?

    Our Website Supports All Platforms Like Mobile Phones & Tablets, Gaming Consoles. We Also Support The TOR Browser & VPN's, Everything With An Internet Browser Can Run Cyberbooter.
    At the moment we accept only crypto currencies with our automatic payment system such as: Bitcoin(BTC), Litecoin(LTC). USDT (ERC20 and TRC20) and many more!.
    Cyberbooter is not like any other stress testing services on the market, We have professional cyber experts team with tons of experience, custom coded panel, dedicated attack Servers, 6+ attack methods, affordable prices, 24/7 support and unique features.
    All the attacks sent from our website are completely impossible to be traced back. We use IP spoofing technology and botnet-like attacks to mask the source of the ddos traffic.